The New, Old, and Very Awesome Camper

As I mentioned in the Playing Catch Up post, we bought a 1973 AMF Skamper about a month ago. The story behind the camper is already a bit ridiculous. I say ridiculous  because we bought this camper within 24 hours of selling our pop-up camper. Let me tell you, trolling Craigslist can be a very dangerous pastime.

Actually, the whole experience of buying and remodeling this camper has confirmed what some of you may already know – we are legit crazy. I plan to devote a full post to the (legit crazy) way we got the camper home, but in the meantime, let me show you around.

Please excuse the quality of these pictures, it turns out photographing a tiny space at dusk does not result in the world’s best photos.

Immediately to the right of the entry is the dinette. This can fold down to sleep 2 people.

Just behind the left dinette seat is a hamper and a cool magazine rack. The sconce is one of four – they’ll be reinstalled after the renovation.

Left of the dinette, straight across from the entry is the bathroom.

The psychedelic bathroom in all its glory includes a toilet, sink and shower.

Left of the bathroom door is the heater, a closet, a spot for the refrigerator, and a pantry.

Left of the pantry and closet is a couch which will fold into a bed for 2. Above the bench is a bunk which swings down to sleep 1. On the ceiling is the AC unit.

Left of the bench and bunk is the kitchenette. There is a range with its hood. We hope to clean this up and reinstall it.

The view of the sink and cabinets brings us back to the entrance.

We are beyond excited to remodel this camper. After our experiences with tent camping, primitive tent camping, a one time foray into car camping and camping in our pop-up trailer, we realized that what we’re really looking for in a camping experience is a mobile hotel room.

We are looking forward to ease of set up (perfect for us last minute campers who invariably arrive to our campsite after dark), as well as bathroom/kitchen accessibility on the road. Access to one’s own toilet is not to be underestimated while camping. The kitchen would allow us to skip Chick-fil-A and eat homemade food while traveling. This size camper (19 feet from tongue to rear bumper) fits all of our needs without being too complicated.

At this point you may be wondering why we decided on a dingy 42 year old camper with a nasty roof leak instead of buying new (or newer). Price was the main factor. Even after stripping this thing and rebuilding it completely (making it less visually offensive in the process), we expect to pay less than what similar younger trailers sell for used.

So, now you’re acquainted with our new, old, and very awesome camper. As we progress in our renovation I’ll be sure to keep you all posted.


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